Hear about the impact Coding Black Females is having

Member Testimonials

"Your initiative of creating CBF has been really supportive and empowering! Being part of CBF has giving me new perspectives and possibilities that I’ve never imagined before. Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion! This is really inspiring! Thank you!!!"

“Participating in events like this make me feel empowered and confident.”

“After working in tech for so many years and often feeling like "the token" in the office, it brings me absolute joy to be in a room with women who I can identify with and understand what it means to live in the intersection of being black and female. Thank you team for bringing us all together.”

Sponsor Testimonials

“…definitely one of my favourite events we have hosted. Great vibes, lovely friendly attendees who were thrilled to be there, and just a generally delightful evening.”

"We held a fantastic, first collaboration event with Coding Black Females at Bloomberg's amazing, modern offices in November. We met some really interesting individuals during the networking part, and got some excellent feedback from attendees who especially loved The Jump Digital School's code-a-long. We look forward to partnering with you in the future and continuing this exciting journey to get more diversity in tech!”

“…thanks so much for coming along and enabling me to meet some amazing people!”