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Coding Black Females are delivering the Return to Tech bootcamp in partnership with GCHQ. This programme is for Black women who have previously worked in the tech industry and would like to return after a career break. Applicants will have the opportunity to apply for a Senior Software Engineer role at GCHQ and go through GCHQ's recruitment process in order to secure a role at the end of the bootcamp.

Application Deadline: 15th July 2022

Bootcamp Start Date: 5th September 2022

Bootcamp End Date: 14th April 2023

Course Length: 30 weeks

Sessions: 3 sessions a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Course Delivered: Virtually

Location: UK Resident

GCHQ Role Opportunity: Senior Software Engineer - Total Rewards Package of £43,889 - This is made up of a starting salary of £35,450, plus an additional skills payment of £4,250 per annum, a £2,189 concessionary payment and £2,000 one off recruitment bonus

Role Location: Manchester or Cheltenham

Why is Return to Tech Important

Research suggests that only 19% of the tech workforce are women. This figure is even less for Black women is just 1%, and we're keen to see this increase. The underrepresentation of Black women in tech will always be one of our biggest motivations. At Coding Black Females we want to be able to meet every black woman, in all stages of their journey, at the point of their need. That is why we are committed to supporting black women who want to return to tech after a break.

There are so many factors to why a person may take a break. From parental leave, career change, caring responsibilities, health or simply travelling the world. There are also so many reasons that a person might need help returning after a break. Some may not have the updated training required, the experience required, some may not have the relevant credential to make an acceptable earning or it could be a lack of confidence. Our goal is to ensure that more Black women are able to access opportunities and Return to Tech is designed to propel and support your journey back into tech.

About Return to Tech

Return to Tech with Coding Black Females is an intense course for people who have hands on experience working the tech industry. Over 30 weeks, you'll build a full stack application, develop your skills in DevOps, Cloud and cover Technical Architecture and Leadership. We'll also support you in gaining 3 certifications covering MongoDB and Cloud Services.

Discover more about the course outline on the Return To Tech CBF Academy Page.

About GCHQ

GCHQ and Coding Black Females have a shared goal of ensuring that more Black women are able to access opportunities and Coding Black Females are delivering the Return to Tech bootcamp in partnership with GCHQ to ensure that more opportunities are available.

Find out what GCHQ are doing about Diversity and Inclusion: Diversity & Inclusion at GCHQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Criteria

To apply for Return to Tech in partnership with GCHQ, you must:

Please refer to the GCHQ Careers How to Apply page which provides full details on eligibility and the Vetting process.

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